We offer driving lessons to anyone who resides in our coverage area, is at least 16 years of age and is legally and physically eligible to operate a vehicle.

We provide personalized, one-on-one instruction to each of our students. We focus on the fundamental skills needed to become safe, confident and responsible drivers.

If you are 16 years of age, we offer the state required 6 hour permit program. (Refer to our 16-Year-Old Permit Program page for more details.)

If you are looking for review lessons to prepare for your road test, we will help you sharpen the skills being tested. (Refer to our Road Test Review Lessons page for more details.)

If you are 17 years of age or older, you must have a valid permit or driver’s license.

If you need driving lessons for any reason allow us to assist you. Contact us to discuss your specific driving needs.



Please call 732-892-6775 or e-mail info@CarrsDrivingSchool.com today.

Carr’s Driving School services select areas of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Family owned and operated since 1957.

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