When your teen receives a NJ driver’s permit with the help of Carr’s Driving School, he or she will have been introduced to the fundamental skills of safe and effective driving. However, the six-hour permit program is not a pass/fail course. Skill level and driving ability will vary from one student to another. Regardless of the students driving ability, once the mandated six hours are completed, the permit is signed over to the student.

Please understand your child is still a “beginner” and needs as much practice as possible!

The first time driving with your teen can be very stressful for both of you. Please be patient in allowing your child to get the “feel” of your car.  Mistakes are a normal part of the learning process, so be understanding and extra attentive to their lack of experience.

While practicing, keep your instructions simple and clear. Work on the basic skills at first.  If your car has a hand brake or push button brake, you can use it in an emergency. You can also use your left hand to help steer if necessary.

Try not to overreact as your teen is practicing specific driving skills. Also, avoid bringing up other family matters during driving practice that could lead to arguing. It will only get in the way of having quality driving time.

As a parent / guardian, you play an important role in helping your teen continue to learn to drive safely.  With encouragement and continued guidance, your teen will gradually gain more confidence and develop safe driving skills that will last a lifetime!

In addition, for your protection, your insurance company should be notified to see if coverage is necessary. You should also inquire about discounts available for taking the six hour program and for academic achievement.

Carr’s Driving School services select areas of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

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