NJ requires all permit drivers to take a road test. An appointment for testing needs to be set with the NJMVC. You have the option of scheduling an appointment online or at the nearest driver testing center. Once a road test appointment is scheduled, it is an official appointment for licensing with the State of NJ.

Whether you choose to use our Road Test Service or decide to go on your own and take the road test in your own vehicle, here are some things to expect and some things you’ll need to be prepared on test day.

The NJMVC requires ID for testing and 6 points of ID plus Proof of Address when applying for a driver’s license. There are many forms of ID accepted, but here is a list of items we recommend. (The documents used for ID must be original – photocopies or laminated documents will not be accepted.)

  • Permit
  • An original Civil Birth Certificate (with raised seal) or valid US Passport
  • An original Social Security card
  • High School Photo ID with a school record (i.e. transcript, report card, progress report)
  • Proof of address – a piece of mail, mailed within 30 – 60 days that shows permit holder’s name and address
  • Glasses or contact lenses if required for distance

At the test site, the licensed driver accompanying the permit driver must show his/her ID and present an up-to-date registration card and proof of insurance for the testing vehicle. The vehicle must have a valid inspection sticker.

The car used for the road test needs to be clean and in good running condition with no safety hazards. All lights, signals and windshield wipers must be working properly.

Red decals must be displayed on both license plates. (One decal is to be displayed in the top left corner of the front license plate and the other in the top left corner of the rear license plate.)

The car must also be equipped with a center emergency hand-brake located between the driver and the passenger seat or a push button brake easily accessible to the passenger.

Backup cameras and parking sensors are permitted.

Cars with illegal window tinting will not be accepted.

A rented car is allowed, but only if the name of the driver taking the test is listed on the rental agreement. If you pass the road test, you must visit a Motor Vehicle Agency to obtain your Provisional License. After one year, you are required to obtain a Basic License from the NJMVC.

If you fail the road test, you must wait at least two weeks to take the test again. You may schedule a retest at an NJMVC location or through their website. If you need assistance, we are happy to assist you.

Note: We recommend checking with the NJMVC website for the most up-to-date information on what the State requires for testing and licensing.


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